Friday, 5 August 2011

Why I Like You~

There is something about you...
Whenever I look at you...

Why I like you?
To ask me this question...
It would be difficult to answer
Since there are so so so many reasons
Why I like you...

Whenever I hear your name
My heart will move
My heart will say
My heart will shout
My heart will cry out
'It's You'

Weekend is great
For our togetherness
What makes it even perfect?
I don't really have to see you to know that you're there
Cause I know you're already here
Smiling brightly in my heart

Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for being strong for me
Thank you for making me believe that there always someone out there that I could rely on
Thank you for the smiles
Thank you for the laughs
Thank you for all the loves
Thank you for all the tears
Thank you for all the joy
Thank you for being You

That's why I like You~

p/s: happy birthday my dear friend! ^^

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